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Comprehensive Metabolic Panel

Your metabolism holds the key to your health.

Your metabolism influences more than just the numbers on the scale. It is the life force of all your body’s energy, turning what you eat into the fuel to support vital functions including heart rate, brain function, and breathing. As a result, your metabolism can reveal how the pieces involved are working to support your body’s needs.

A comprehensive metabolic panel (CMP) measures 14 components found in your blood (including sugars, minerals, electrolytes, enzymes, and waste products) that contribute to your overall health and provide information on the functioning status of your metabolism, liver, and kidneys. When reviewed by your doctor along with other tests and information from a clinical examination, a CMP can be useful in detecting certain conditions including diabetes, kidney disease, and hypertension. 

Note: A CMP may reveal results that suggest abnormal thyroid function, but it does not directly measure thyroid function. To assess your thyroid function, you should consider a TSH test or the Thyroid package that includes measuring TSH.


Fast for 12 hours (no food or drink, except water).