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Women's Fertility Package (Ovarian Reserve)

The fertility journey can be difficult—but the first step doesn’t have to be.

Whether you are years away from having children or have already started trying, you deserve to know your reproductive potential. Our Women's Fertility package is a good place to start.

This package provides an assessment of a woman's ability to conceive by measuring the hormones that play a vital role in the production of eggs (oocytes).

It’s important to understand that no laboratory test can predict the likelihood of pregnancy. However, ovarian reserve tests can assess egg quantity to help predict ovarian response to stimulation (if you decide egg freezing or in vitro fertilization are right for you). It can also indicate conditions like PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) which may affect your ability to conceive.

This test does not evaluate egg quality. However, tracking your levels over time can provide you information to help you discuss your options with your doctor to make informed decisions about your reproductive journey.


The timing of sample collection is important. Your sample should be collected on the third day of your menstrual period. FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) and estradiol levels can rise and fluctuate after day three; samples collected on the second or fourth cycle day may also be acceptable. This test is not recommended if you are receiving hormone therapies of any kind.